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“ gives our local high street businesses some amazing new support through JO.”

Emma, Barnes Community Association

Let’s help your local businesses improve their productivity, profitability and probability of success.

JO supports local businesses to achieve any goal at any stage of their journey. 

Get in touch for content to share with your businesses and ideas for targeted support programmes we could deliver together for your town centres, property or industry.

Powering new vacancy solutions

Let’s repopulate voids with the right businesses, in the right places, doing the right things. 

Vacant space in high streets and shopping centres is being filled by startups, digital-first brands and growing local independents on JO.

Get in touch for more information about our new high street incubators, multi-occupier hubs,  reimagined department stores and other vacant space solutions.

“We work together using JO on a variety of shopping centres to improve the way we fill vacant space and support new occupiers in this industry.”

Paul, Flourish Retail

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