What would you
like to achieve?

I want to increase my footfall

Jo can help you attract more customers through the door; from local collaborations to local SEO, window displays, geo-targeted ads, online marketplaces, seasonal events and more.

I want to open a new outlet

Jo can help you open your first or your next outlet on the high street or in a shopping centre; from refining your concept to choosing the right location, fitting it out, and launching in style.

I want to improve my digital marketing

Jo can help you set up, optimise and integrate any digital marketing channel; from social media to search engines, paid ads to content marketing, emails to influencers and more.

I want to sell more online

Jo can help you start-up or scale-up your e-commerce operations, from designing your website, to on-demand delivery, booking systems, online marketplaces, social commerce, and more.

I want to adapt my offerings

Jo can help you identify and capitalise on gaps in the market; from competitor insights to customer research, optimising your suppliers, services, pricing, merchandising and more. 

I want to secure new funding

Jo can help you identify, evaluate and access the funds your business needs; from Government grants to crowdfunding campaigns, alternative debt finance and other sources of funding.

I want to reduce my costs

Jo can help you manage your outgoings; from negotiating with your landlord to securing better deals on your utilities, assessing your financial health and planning for the future.

I want to develop my team

Jo can help you manage the people in your business; from recruitment, training and rewards, to HR tools and support with downsizing, growing or getting the most from your current team.

I want to be a ‘business for good’

Jo can help you have a positive impact on society and the environment; from sustainable sourcing to charity partnerships, zero-emission deliveries, local community initiatives and more.

I want to be a big business

Jo can help you scale up your sales and operations; from targeting international markets, to franchising your brand, managing a multi-outlet network, planning for an exit and more.

Jo helps small and startup businesses achieve their goals. It’s free to join and takes just 2 minutes to get started.