Sumera Kidwai founder of Kidwise

Success Story:

How JO helped a turn an idea on paper into a growing business


founder of Kidwise

“I was never really sure if I would set up Kidwise. It felt like one of those dreams that was too ambitious or ‘out there’ to achieve. But thanks to JO and, my idea is now a reality and I am so happy. I’m really excited about the future and look forward to using JO more as my business continues to grow”.

Before JO

As a science teacher, Sumera felt restricted by the classroom and longed to teach science in a fun and more engaging way for all children, regardless of their academic or social backgrounds. 

She dreamt of launching Kidwise: a business that would bring fun science workshops to her local high street. But with no previous business experience, Sumera didn’t know how to turn that idea into a reality and wasn’t sure if Kidwise had any commercial potential.

How JO helped

With the help of JO, Sumera was able to take Kidwise from an idea in her head to a fully-formed business, bringing in local children and families from all across London.

✅ Worked with Sumera to test and validate her idea before launching 

✅ Helped her form a viable business plan 

✅ Secured her pop-up space in a council-owned building to serve customers from

✅ Built Sumera an action plan for starting a brand new business, covering:

  • Setting up in-store systems 
  • Launching her very first website 
  • Filling and designing her space
  • Online marketing to spread the word 
  • Running events to bring in footfall  
  • and more


✅ Helped her execute that plan with expert guidance and unique solutions from our network of high street business specialists

✅ Gave Sumera her very own Success Manager to help her launch her business with expert support, every step of the way

Results so far

✅ Launched Sumera’s business in just over two weeks 

✅ Set up and launched a mini science lab within a large council headquarters in London

✅ Brought in 100s of paying customers in just three months 

✅ Achieved over £2,000 in sales in initial test period 

✅ Sumera was able to validate her idea and make plans for launching in other locations

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