Linda Anderson owner The Kitchen Croxley

Success Story:

How JO helped a local cake shop triple its sales


founder of The Kitchen Croxley

“Thanks to JO, The Kitchen Croxley has gone from strength to strength in spite of the huge challenges. So much has changed over the past two years: we now have a takeaway business, a good trade in retail products and my sales have multiplied. Our plan together is still evolving all the time and I am so excited about the future!”

Before JO

Linda opened The Kitchen Croxley in 2014 in a former Blockbuster store.  It was an instant hit with a core community of loyal customers. But by 2019, the business had plateaued and Linda was struggling to find ways to grow and see her ambitions realised. And then COVID-19 arrived. 

When the pandemic first hit, both day-to-day customers and custom cake orders disappeared overnight as national lockdowns came into force.

“When the first lockdown was announced, I seriously doubted if The Kitchen Croxley would survive. We had to refund hundreds of pounds as we needed to cancel bookings for baby showers, hen parties, birthday gatherings and other celebrations. We had no takeaway business back then either, so really didn’t know what to do. All I knew was that survival depended on adapting and fast…”

Linda was determined to keep The Kitchen Croxley open (when she could) but didn’t know how to pivot her business or future-proof it against the impact of the pandemic.

How JO helped

Just as Linda started to debate the future of her business, she discovered JO, which had been rushed out of beta testing to help local businesses survive, adapt and grow through the lockdown-era high street.

✅ Helped Linda define her vision for her business, identifying areas where targeted support would be most needed and beneficial

✅ Built her an action plan to grow her business, which covered: 

  • Implementing Covid safety measures 
  • Offering Click & Collect
  • Connecting with customers online 
  • Building a local social media following  
  • Collaborating with other local businesses 
  • Managing costs 
  • Building local B2B partnerships
  • and much more   


✅ Helped her execute that plan with expert guidance and unique solutions from our network of high street business specialists

✅ Gave Linda her very own Success Manager to help grow and pivot her business with an expert by her side, every step of the way

Results so far

✅ The Kitchen survived and thrived, even through the on-off lockdown period

✅ Doubled and then tripled weekly turnover 

✅ Launched a revenue-boosting takeaway service, extended lunchtime menu and breakfast 

✅ Opened a small shop selling branded products in The Kitchen

✅ Moved her business online, opening up a brand new revenue stream

✅ Grew a large social media following of over 10,000 across multi-channels 

✅ Took ownership of her previously rented property, dramatically reducing costs

✅ Collaborated with other local businesses, generating high-street-wide footfall

✅ Attracted national press attention thanks to her huge success

✅ Built a long-term strategy for the future

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