Zeenat Rust founder of AbayaTopia

Success Story:

How JO helped AbayaTopia transition from online to offline and increase sales by over 40%


founder of Abayatopia


“I can’t thank JO enough for helping me open on the high street for the first time. My business is now growing faster than ever and my sales are hitting new heights. I couldn’t have done this without JO, which made it so much easier to get started in the ‘real world’!”


Before JO

Zeenat had grown AbayaTopia into one of the UK’s leading online modest-wear fashion brands but hadn’t yet achieved her biggest goal of launching on the high street.

She felt this was the natural next step to grow her business by giving her customers the chance to ‘try before they buy’, as well as to increase local brand awareness and sales.

But as an online-only brand owner, Zeenat had no idea how to turn that dream into a reality — which is where JO came in.

How JO helped

JO was able to help Zeenat work through the logistics and challenges of going online to offline, right from square one.

✅ Helped her secure an ideal vacant unit to launch her business in

✅ Built Zeenat an action plan for launching on the high street, covering:

  • Setting up in-store systems 
  • Filling and designing her space
  • Online marketing to spread the word 
  • Running events to bring in footfall  
  • and much more


✅ Helped her execute that plan with expert guidance and unique solutions from our network of high street business specialists

✅ Gave Zeenat her very own Success Manager to help smoothen the transition of launching offline for the first time

Results so far

✅ Launched Zeenat on the high street for the first time in just 3 weeks 

✅ Brought in 1000s of customers in just three months

✅ Increased weekly sales by 40% 

✅ Proved her physical business model

✅ Transitioned from 3-month pop-up to 12-month lease  

✅ Built a long-term plan to become an omnichannel leader in modest-wear market

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