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Dan the Bike Man, Hounslow

Dan the bike Man

Your journey to profit

We take your business to the next level by implementing a series of proven steps that quickly increase your profits and unlock your potential on the high street.

1. Eliminate any overspend

We find out if you can get a better deal on your different utilities bills and your lease before looking more closely at other costs that can be reduced without affecting what you offer.

2. Stand out from the crowd

We write a new elevator pitch about what makes you different and better, show where to best use it and then look for gaps in the market you could be addressing.

3. Get found more online

We show you what will have the biggest impact on your exposure online and then help make it happen across: your website, social media, marketplaces, analytics, reviews, SEO, videos and more.

4. Boost your local footfall

We also look at everything else that can affect your footfall through the door; helping you build local collaborations, run street campaigns and capitalise on other opportunities.

5. Delight every customer

We recommend ways to improve your window, store design and experience, over video calls and even visits, while helping you quickly deliver all the foundations for great customer loyalty.

6. Access the right funding

We evaluate your suitability, requirement and eligibility for loans, crowdfunding, angel investors and grants; then help you secure the funding you want to pursue.

7. Accelerate your growth

We work together on an evolving plan to achieve your new revenue, cost and funding targets. We can be your trusted partner every step of the way and if you ever want, you can cancel anytime.

We will find out if you can get a better deal on your different utilities bills and your lease before looking more closely at opportunities to reduce other costs without affecting your core offerings.

We will produce a new elevator pitch about your offering, your target market and what makes you different from your competition, while helping identify gaps in the market to address.

We will make sure you get all the industry standard foundations for online growth, across your website, social media, analytics setup, online reviews, local SEO, content marketing and more.

We will also make sure you get all the industry standard foundations for local footfall growth, from collaborating with local influencers to geo-targeted marketing campaigns and more.

We will recommend a range of changes to your shop window and instore experience, while ensuring you’re able to get all the foundations for great customer loyalty in place quickly.

With the foundations now in place, we will build and help implement a personalised plan to achieve defined targets for revenue, cost and other funding over time.

We will evaluate your suitability and eligibility for loans, crowdfunding, angel investors and grants; with the aim to help you secure any funding options  you want to pursue for your business.

We can be there to help you at every stage of your journey. Our success is defined by your success,  and we can scale up or down the scope of what we take on across your business anytime.


Store design & merchandising


Data and business intelligence


Content Writing


Operations and Systems


Local marketing and engagement


Business planning


Expanding to new premises


Digital Marketing


High street and

industry experts

From landlord negotiators to creative designers, software providers and more. We’ve got you covered on whatever you might need.

Your new team

You will be assigned a dedicated business coach, with support from a wide range of specialist experts and trusted partners, all focused on your success.

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Targets for profit growth and performance across each KPI

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