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JO is brought to you by the team behind, a 7-year-old industry movement changing high streets for the better. Our shared mission brought us together and we’ve helped build hundreds of successful businesses in this market.

Our mission

We believe in a future of diverse, thriving high streets led by local independents that unlock their potential. JO exists to make this a reality; helping retailers, restaurants, salons, cafes, galleries, gyms, pubs, barbers, bakers, makers, market traders and other high street entrepreneurs succeed, at every stage of their journey.


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Our journey

We kicked off a multi-year research project with 1000+ local independents and 50+ industry experts to answer the question ‘what does it take to succeed on the high street?’ Within 3 months, the decision was made to start building JO.



Version 1 of JO launched and soon after was being rolled-out on dozens of high streets by councils, landlords and community champions to help their local businesses survive, adapt and even grow through the lockdown-era high street.

Version 2 of JO harnesses unique insights into what’s working on the post-Covid high street. New features, content, solutions and automations enable JO to do more work for less £, transforming the economics of local business support forever. 



All high street entrepreneurs can now apply to join JO. From pre-launch startups to fast-growing scaleups and everyone in between. This is only the beginning. JO is getting better all the time, helping more and more businesses succeed, the easy way.

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